The Princess

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The Gift

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Allah has given so much and I am so grateful for that. This piece of news brings so much joy and it is the greatest gift of all. I’ll tell you when the time comes.

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The Wedding

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It has been two months since I took the vow to share my life with her. It feels like yesterday. I was nervous and happy back then, and I am still feel the joy until today and God will, for the rest of our lives. The woman I knew for almost 4 years is now the woman who will always be by my side until my last breath, In shaa Allah. Here are some of the moments of our solemnization and wedding receptions

IMG_2957Solemnization 15.09.2015 | Surau AlHijrah, Taman Bolton | Photos by Zulhilmidin Photography | Make-Up by Ariena Bridal | Attire by Alhafizol & Azmilia

IMG_2860Bride’s Side Reception 16.09.2015 | Dewan Muhibbah, Taman Bolton | Photos by Zulhilmidin Photography | Make-Up by Lora Dash | Attire by Fire and Rescue Department (Groom), Ariena Bridal (Bride)

IMG_2875Bride’s Side Reception 16.09.2015 | Dewan Muhibbah, Taman Bolton | Photos by Zulhilmidin Photography | Make-Up by Lora Dash | Attire by Ariena Bridal 

IMG_2872Groom’s Side Reception 26.09.2015 | Kg. Tok Dir, K. Terengganu | Photos by 360 Degree Photography | Make-Up by Alhafizol & Azmilia | Attire by I Forgot (Sorry)

I would love to express my gratitude to all the people who were involved in making our dreams come true. Loads of works have been done and we couldn’t make it if not because of these important people especially my parents and siblings, my in-laws, my friends and relatives, my colleagues, and all. Thank you.

The Transfer

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There are a lot of thing to do, to think, to handle etc at the moment. With my wedding is just a few months away and all these work documentations to be checked and settled before the internal audit come to the Academy next week, I feel exhausted and tired. Then last week, out of the blue, to my utter surprised I received a transfer letter. Part of me feel a jolt of happiness, and another part feel a sense of stunned disbelief considering that I am going to be transferred so soon. But whatever it is, I feel relieved that I don’t have to travel the distance and spend so much money for flight tickets frequently anymore since I’ll be leaving this State Under the Wind and go back to Peninsular. Well, Academy is a nice place but Head Quarter is calling me. Hopefully it will be a good transfer.

Postgraduate Study?

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When I was in collage studying Forensic Science, I was so eager to finish my undergraduate study and go out, have a job, earn money and be happy with it. But now after almost two years of working, I am thinking of going back to collage and continue postgraduate study. It  is a good idea but I have to have a strategic plan for it. I have to be prepared mentally and of course financially to make it real. With my marriage is coming soon, I don’t really have a serious thinking about the postgraduate study yet, but I’ll definitely go for it for sure after that. May Allah ease my way and make my dream come true. Inshaa Allah.

The Inspiration

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I cried. ='(

The Boss

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I was having lunch with my boss yesterday after attending MAMPU’s Open Day. We were mostly talked about….works of course. My boss is a very nice person and sometimes he can be so lenient and tolerant person. It has been a year since I work under him and I rarely see him get mad, well, not before my eyes at least. Yesterday, he told me that being “lenient and tolerant” is some kind of his weakness. I personally think that it is not weak but wise, but looking from a wider perspective, considering our organization and his position as commandant of a training center, being too lenient and tolerant may backfire. But, I believe my boss has what it takes to be a admirable leader if not he won’t be where he is now. You got my respect boss!!


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Last Friday, as usual I went to this restaurant to “tapau”  the delicious “Nasi Ayam Penyet” for dinner. I was a regular customer and the menu is my favorite. But, that day when I came home and about to eat my “tapau” dinner,  there was a message written on the polystyrene container which make me feel like laughing, it said…

“Come again, sweety” 

Well, that was unusual and I don’t really understand what was the meaning of that message. So, last Friday was the last time I eat their “Nasi Ayam Penyet”. I don’t think I am going there anymore.

The Procastinator

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I am writing from my office desktop. Well, to tell the truth this whole week I procrastinated a lot. I have a few things to be done but my mind just went blank. Call me lazy, I agree. So, I really thought that directing my idea (not really an idea) here would be such a good therapy. Well, this week is a very long week for me, not because I have hard times at works but it is more or less I keep on thinking that all the things that I should be doing could be done later. So, my brain just froze. motivation? Yes I think so. Well, Chinese’s New Year is just around the corner. For those who are celebrating I wish you a prosperity year. Maybe holidays would be my motivation. Hope so!

10 Janji Allah SWT Kepada Mereka Yang Ingin Berkahwin

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Blog Peribadirasulullah

Apabila seorang muslim baik lelaki atau wanita akan berkahwin, biasanya akan timbul pelbagai perasaan akan timbul. Ada rasa gundah, resah, risau, bimbang, termasuk juga tidak sabar menunggu datangnya si pendamping. Bahkan ketika dalam proses taaruf sekalipun masih ada juga perasaan keraguan.

Inilah khabar gembira berupa janji Allah bagi orang yang akan berkahwin. Bergembiralah wahai saudaraku…

1. “Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula),dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik dan lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula)”. (An Nuur : 26)

Bila ingin mendapatkan jodoh yang baik, maka perbaikilah diri. Hiduplah sesuai dengan ajaran Islam dan Sunnah Nabi-Nya. Jadilah lelaki yang soleh, jadilah wanita yang solehah. Semoga Allah memberikan hanya yang baik buat kita. Amin.

2. “Dan kawinkanlah orang-orang yang sendirian diantara kamu dan orang-orang yang layak (berkawin) dari hamba-hamba sahayamu yang lelaki dan perempuan…

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