How I Meet My Girlfriend?

November 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

Dedicated to Syarifah Azmilia


for telling me yes when I asked

After I broke up with my ex-girlfriend a few years back, (Should I start with this? Really?) OK, lets talk about my girlfriend instead. I knew her during my time working as Marketing Exec. We were running the same campaign and –this part is deleted because it is boring- I met her almost everyday. She is sweet, she’s pretty, she got this gorgeous smiles with dimple and everything (I hope she read this). At first, I didn’t have the gut to approach her. Well, pretty as she is, I bet she already have someone special. I am a shy person, really. I don’t know how to woo girls. But, I like her. I knew it. Did she feels the same way about me? Well, that I didn’t know. So what did I do? I text-ed my friend Anne, who is also her close friend, and asked for her opinion. Anne was like, “Hey, boy. I think she is free single. So give it a try!” Well good… be continued..

Or maybe I should proceed. I asked Anne for her number and I text-ed her. I forgot what were my first sugar coated words message I send to her. I’ll ask later and will let you know. Well, if only you want to know. Or if only she lets me to let you know. Or maybe we can just forget about it. (What am I writing?? *idiot*) But, that was how it all started. Now, we’ve been together for more than a year already. And I love her so much. Today, she’s celebrating her 17th birthday (She’s 25 actually) and this post is dedicated to her. For the rest of the post, it’s not for you to read, so you can stop reading……

Dear Syarifah Azmilia,

I wish you a happy birthday. I pray that Allah will always blessed you with good health and happiness. I LOVE YOU. *hug and kiss*

Yours, Che Alhafizol

Hey, you read that as well? Didn’t I tell you to stop reading? *sigh. OK, fine. Since you read that already, please pray for all the good things for her. For us. OK? Thanks..May Allah bless you all.


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