Lets Talk About….Mobile Phone

November 21, 2013 § Leave a comment


@alhafizol: “Back in year 2005, right after my SPM, I got my first mobile phone. A Nokia 3310, and that time I thought it was the coolest phone ever. ” This is what I tweet a few hours ago. And Nokia 3310 was indeed my first cell given by my beloved mother. It still remember how happy I was that time: “like monkey gets the flower”, direct translation of “seperti kera mendapat bunga” which means that I was really happy. But if you ask me if I think Nokia 3310 is still the coolest phone ever. Of course I would say NO! because you’ll say I am a total crazy if I say YES. Aren’t you? But the series is a legend, very nostalgic I would say.

OK,  but after I was offered a place in Johor Matriculation College, my brother said that my phone is not cool at all for a college student. Huh! He said that, true. So, he traded his cooler phone, Nokia 3360 with my not-so-cool Nokia 3310. So, I used this phone in college. This phone got colors instead of grayscale screen. I can play RPG games instead of playing Snake over and over again, and hey it had the MMS application as well! Definite cool! But after that my baby nephew Airel put the phone in his mouth and his saliva damaged the phone. Not so cool at all. Thanks to him I got another cellphone after that. A hand down Sony Ericsson (I forget what model) from my mother.

So, I went to university with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. As a university student, I need a cooler phone to live up to my standard, haha! So, I used my scholarship money which was supposed to be used for anything academic to buy a new phone, a Nokia N70. ( Well, a mobile phone seems like an academic stuff that time *grin). It cost me RM700. There gone my scholarship money. PS: Please keep this a secret, because I don’t want the government to know that I spent the money for a phone! shhh…. So that was the first phone I bought with “my money“. And last year my girlfriend forced me to buy a new phone (Sorry sugar, I am badmouthing you here) so I bought a Blackberry Curve I am using right now. The Nokia N70? I still have it but I use it no more. I’ll keep it as my personal treasure.

Soooo….actually, I would like to buy a new phone. Maybe calling it a phone is not coole nowadays because everybody’s calling it Android now. Alright, I would like to buy one but I’m not sure which one will work for me the best. Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Blackberry. I can’t decide. Maybe you can help me decide.. ?


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