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Last Friday, as usual I went to this restaurant to “tapau”  the delicious “Nasi Ayam Penyet” for dinner. I was a regular customer and the menu is my favorite. But, that day when I came home and about to eat my “tapau” dinner,  there was a message written on the polystyrene container which make me feel like laughing, it said…

“Come again, sweety” 

Well, that was unusual and I don’t really understand what was the meaning of that message. So, last Friday was the last time I eat their “Nasi Ayam Penyet”. I don’t think I am going there anymore.


The Procastinator

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I am writing from my office desktop. Well, to tell the truth this whole week I procrastinated a lot. I have a few things to be done but my mind just went blank. Call me lazy, I agree. So, I really thought that directing my idea (not really an idea) here would be such a good therapy. Well, this week is a very long week for me, not because I have hard times at works but it is more or less I keep on thinking that all the things that I should be doing could be done later. So, my brain just froze. motivation? Yes I think so. Well, Chinese’s New Year is just around the corner. For those who are celebrating I wish you a prosperity year. Maybe holidays would be my motivation. Hope so!

10 Janji Allah SWT Kepada Mereka Yang Ingin Berkahwin

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Blog Peribadirasulullah

Apabila seorang muslim baik lelaki atau wanita akan berkahwin, biasanya akan timbul pelbagai perasaan akan timbul. Ada rasa gundah, resah, risau, bimbang, termasuk juga tidak sabar menunggu datangnya si pendamping. Bahkan ketika dalam proses taaruf sekalipun masih ada juga perasaan keraguan.

Inilah khabar gembira berupa janji Allah bagi orang yang akan berkahwin. Bergembiralah wahai saudaraku…

1. “Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula),dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik dan lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula)”. (An Nuur : 26)

Bila ingin mendapatkan jodoh yang baik, maka perbaikilah diri. Hiduplah sesuai dengan ajaran Islam dan Sunnah Nabi-Nya. Jadilah lelaki yang soleh, jadilah wanita yang solehah. Semoga Allah memberikan hanya yang baik buat kita. Amin.

2. “Dan kawinkanlah orang-orang yang sendirian diantara kamu dan orang-orang yang layak (berkawin) dari hamba-hamba sahayamu yang lelaki dan perempuan…

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Grilled Stingray

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Grilled stingray

Ummi Aishah Restaurant, KK

Moving Fast, Standing Still

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moving fast

UMS Traffic Light, KK

We are going as fast as we can as soon as we can. We’re in a race against time, until we run out of money. – Jack Nicholson


1Borneo Hypermall, KK

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. – Unknown

A Rookie Training Officer

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I have a class to attend tomorrow. So, I am just finished preparing my slides for tomorrow presentation. Being a rookie training officer at Fire and Rescue Academy, I have to equipped myself with extensive knowledge in this field. I feel stressed out sometimes but I am always up for the challenge. So the subject for tomorrow is Introduction to Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia and the Roles of Volunteer Fire Brigade.

the books

the notes

Study the Fire Services Act 1988 and Department’s Strategic Plans so that I can get some ideas what to deliver during my class tomorrow. I just hope all the participants will be nice to me and don’t ask so many questions. Haha.

the laptop

 The Powerpoint is done already. I just hope everything is going to be great tomorrow. So for now, I just want to continue reading Vince Flynn’s Consent to Kill and text my fiancee before I go to sleep and dream about being a millionaire and wake up tomorrow with a good spirit!!

A New Place to Live My Single Life

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It has been 7 months since I came to Sabah, “the state below the wind”. For 7 months I’ve been staying in the mess room just above my office. I applied for the quarters and my application had been approved. I am supposed to move into this house last July but so many things need to be fixed and cleaning to be done. The house is too big for a single person like me.  It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and  a spacious living room. This two storey house is basically empty without any furniture, so that’s why it took me some time to move into this house. Yesterday I went out to a furniture store to buy a bed, mattress, and pillow and I bought curtains for the room at KAMDAR. So I am moving from the mess room to my new place within this week.

the room

the twin curtain

Hanging the curtain in my room in the morning while waiting for the bed, mattress, and pillow I bought yesterday to arrive. At first, when I open the curtain I was like..oh,no!…I am screwed since the color is almost the same as the wall. But once they’re hanged to the rail, I just loved it! Minimalist.

the lorry

the rail


 My stuffs arrived at almost 4 o’clock. They put together my new bed without any extra charges for the installation. Thanks a lot brothers.

the bed

 Tadaa! This is my new room. I still need the comforter set and a few decorations for my room. Maybe next month because all these things cost me a lot already. So now, I am ready to move into the house!!


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